Trick Out Your Polaris RZR for Performance

Trick Out Your Polaris RZR for Performance

The Polaris RZR.  This machine didn’t start the side x side performance craze, but it certainly brought it to a whole new level.  The RZR really is impressive, but like all stock machines, it can be made even better.  The big question is, where do you start?  There are many different things that you can do to your machine, but some will give you better performance gains over others.

RZR Jumping

Of course, a totally modded engine with a big bore kit will give you more power, but there are easier (and cheaper) ways to gain more performance out of your RZR.  By upgrading your machine’s clutches, exhaust, fuel mixture and even tires, you can make dramatic changes.  Plus, upgrades to each of those areas can be done fairly easily with minimal tools.

Clutch Mod

Modifying the clutch is often overlooked by many beginners and even plenty of seasoned riders.  By setting up your clutch for your own performance needs, you can get the power down when you want it most.  Polaris sets the clutch up to work well in the widest variety of scenarios, but it can be made better.  To get the most out of your RZR, the clutch should set to run where it makes the most power.

Changing weights can make a bigger difference then many expect.  Just like you need to change carb jetting when changing elevations, you need to get the clutch dialed in with the weights for the best power transfer.  Some companies like Bikeman produce adjustable clutch weights to make dialing the clutch in much easier so you don’t have to carry around a bunch of weights.

Bikeman Clutch Kit

If you’re looking for even more performance gains and more control, a full clutch kit is the way to go.  A clutch kit comes with everything that you need and it is all meticulously designed by clutching experts to give you optimal results.  A clutch kit with adjustable weights allows you to fine tune the clutch kit to squeeze every last bit of power from your RZR.

Aftermarket Exhaust

When people first start thinking about making mods to their machines, an aftermarket exhaust is often the first thing that comes to mind.  It’s for good reason too.  When you upgrade your exhaust, you are able to shed extra weight, gain more power and make it look and sound much better over stock.  Either a full system or a slip on will get you desired results.  Both are fairly easy to install and can add instant power and throttle response.

Bikeman Exhaust

Aftermarket RZR exhausts allow more air to exit the engine, and of course, more air means more power.  You do have to make sure that the new exhaust meets the decibel regulations of the area and has a spark arrestor if you ride in an area that requires one.  You should also consider adding an air intake and re-mapping the air/fuel mixture.

Air Intake

Just like an aftermarket exhaust, an aftermarket air intake will help your RZR’s engine breathe easier to make more power.  On their own, an exhaust and an air intake do a good job boosting performance, but they really shine when they are installed together.  An aftermarket intake will not only allow more air to enter the engine, but they generally are better at keeping the debris out too, which is its main function anyways.  Most performance air cleaners are fairly easy to install, depending on which one you choose and which RZR model that you have.

K&N Air Filter

Fuel Controller

The fuel mapping on your RZR is set to meet the average riding conditions of the average rider.  If you want more than average, you should consider adding a fuel controller to your machine.  With one, you can change the air/fuel mixture to what it should be for your unique riding conditions.  Having the optimal amount of the fuel mixture will allow your engine to make the most power possible and to run smoothly.

Power Commander V

If you have made any other stage 1 upgrades, like an aftermarket exhaust or air cleaner, you absolutely should add a fuel controller to your machine  Those additions will most certainly require a different fuel map than what comes stock on the machine.  Most fuel controllers, like the Power Commander V, plug right into the stock wiring harness and sensors, which makes the physical installation fairly simple if you know what you are looking at.


Many riders wouldn’t consider upgrading the tires as a performance mod, but they certainly can be if you choose the right ones.  UTV tires are what puts it all together and if you are not getting the best traction possible, you are just wasting the power of your machine.  The RZR is a very versatile UTV, but you can hone it in to be very good in certain terrains.  When you match a specific style of tire to the type of terrain that you want to dominate, you can get the best hookup possible and put the power down.

ITP Tires


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