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Cut the Cord with Mobile Warming Heated Gear

Posted on 26 Sep 2014 in Motorcycle, Snowmobile | 1 comment

Like it or not, the colder temps are on their way.  When they do arrive, many riders will have had enough and go ahead with winterizing their bikes and begin their descent into Parked Motorcycle Syndrome.  You can avoid being that rider, though, and brave through the cold weather with heated motorcycle gear.  So what gear do you get?

Mobile Warming BatteryMost heated motorcycle apparel needs to be plugged into the motorcycle to draw power.  That’s alright if you want the most power for all day riding on your bike.  But what if you want your heated gear to work off of your bike?  Or what if you just don’t want to have to depend on an outside power source.  Mobile Warming is the answer and they certainly live up to their name.

All Mobile Warming heated motorcycle apparel runs off of a small and powerful lithium-ion battery that is discreetly stored on the garments themselves.  This creates a self-powered garment that is no longer dependent on an outside power source like your motorcycle’s electrical system.  By cutting the cord, so to say, you can keep the heated gear going even when you are not on your motorcycle.

Another advantage of the battery powered Mobile Warming heated gear is that it is very streamlined.  Mobile Warming uses ultra-fine steel alloy fiber heating technology in their gear, which makes it almost completely unnoticeable.  The heating panels are small, discreet, but more importantly they don’t impact the garment’s pliability.  The active rider can wear Mobile Warming gear without having to worry about it getting in their way.

With a full lineup of gear for riders, let’s just take a look at some of the highlights from Mobile Warming.

Mobile Warming Classic Heated Jacket

The Classic Jacket is the do it all piece.  You can use it for layering under your gear or use it as your primary jacket on and off of the bike.  This softshell is extremely flexible, breathable and waterproof all due to the use of the Windshark® fabric.  Windshark is a 4-way stretch material that is also waterproof and breathable.   The Classic is perfect for any active rider as it will keep you warm, yet will also keep you dry even while perspiring.

Heated Motorcycle Jacket

You can expect up to 10 hours of warming power from the 7.4 V 2.2 Ah rechargeable Lithium-ion battery.  The heating power is also adjustable so that you can customize the temperature to your needs at the time and can reach up to 135 degrees on full power.  There are three heating panels with two located on the chest and one in the center of the back.

The Classic Jacket is available in both mens and womens cuts.

Mobile Warming Longmen Base Layers

Layering has become the preferred method of defeating the cold for many active outdoors participants, including motorcycle riders.  Moisture wicking base layer pieces have changed the game by keeping riders dry and warm.  The Longmen heated base layer shirt and pants have taken this concept and made it better.  They’re heated!

Heated Base Layers

The Longmen uses the same Lithium-ion battery as The Classic Jacket and will provide 10 hours of heat.  What’s even better about the Longmen is that the garment is worn closer to your body so that the heat will be even more direct.  In addition to being moisture wicking, the stretch material used is also antimicrobial which will help prevent odors and bacteria from forming on the garment, even after multiple uses.  The jacket and pants each have their own battery and can be adjusted to different heat levels for a more personalized feel.

Mobile Warming TX Heated Gloves

Of course, you can’t forget about your hands as they apply the most input to the control of the motorcycle.  You can opt for handlebar warmers, but they don’t do you any good off of the bike and they can be a pain to install on some bikes.  The TX Heated Gloves might be a better option for you and they can hold up to a whole lot of cold weather riding.

Heated Gloves

The TX Gloves are constructed with a 500D Carbolex® shell with a Nanomax™ waterproof membrane.  The gloves have excellent grip with a True Grip palm.  In addition to the heating elements, the TX Gloves are also made with Exkin Air® waterproof insulation to keep your hands warm and dry.  The dual battery charger allows you charge each glove’s adjustable battery at once.  On full power, the gloves can reach a max temp of 135 degrees.


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    Just email me on products like these and new products also, thanks!!


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