Best Womens Motocross Gear

Best Womens Motocross Gear

Let’s face it.  There aren’t a whole lot of gear options for you awesome ladies of motocross.  You have to find the high quality women’s gear or do what many women riders do and just wear men’s gear.  The only problem with wearing men’s MX gear is that the fit is not at all flattering on most women riders.  The pants tens to ride up way too high and the jerseys and protective gear are not designed for a women’s figure.  For some women, all of their femininity gets lost in bundle of poor fitting gear that is made for men.

A few years ago now, there was a slight boom in the production of women’s motocross gear, but many of the brands dropped their lines for a few reasons.  One of those reasons is that they were putting out a lower quality product compared to their men’s gear.  The women who like to ride hard would burn through the gear fast, leaving them disappointed with it.  This sent a lot them towards other brands or back to wearing men’s gear.

woman rider

Another problem was that the design wasn’t what many women riders liked either.  For many lines, the only options were in pink.  While many women riders may like pink, there is a whole rainbow of colors available for women’s gear, not just pink.  For women who like to compete and hang with the men riders, they might feel that they would get overlooked if they were wearing pink.

The sport of women’s MX is continuing to grow and with that, we are starting to see some of the companies who continued to make women’s motocross gear put out a higher quality product.  This gear is not only form flattering, but it will also hold up to the punishment of the most aggressive riders.  Plus, there is more than just pink available.

It seems as though things are starting to move in the right direction, and hopefully soon, there will be as many quality options for the women riders as there are for the men.  In the meantime, here are some of the best options for you lady MX riders.

Chest Protectors/Roost Guards

We all know protection is very important when it comes to MX riding, but so is comfort.  When there weren’t any female specific chest protectors available for women, many would forego them altogether because they were uncomfortable and sometimes even painful to wear.  Men’s or unisex chest protectors tend to have a fairly flat chest plate that can be uncomfortable for a woman to wear.  Here are a couple chest protectors that will fit well and still protect you.

Fox R3 Women’s Roost Deflector

The R3 is quite possibly the highest reviewed ladies chest protector available.  With nothing but solid reviews, the R3 is incredibly comfortable.  The reason for this is because the chest plate is specially designed to accommodate a female shape.  The fact that it contours to the female body and it is lightweight makes it almost unnoticeable when you are riding.

Fox R3 chest protector

The styling of the Fox R3 Roost Deflector is a little subdued compared to some others.  It is available in either black or black with pink accents.  Much of the plating is clear to allow the jersey to be seen underneath.  The full-size padded arm guards are removable and the whole guard can be adjusted for a custom fit.

Thor Quadrant Roost Guard

Another good option is the Thor Quadrant roost guard for women.  The chest plate and the back are contoured to make for a better fit on women riders.  It is also CE approved to give you high quality protection when you are out on the track.  The Quadrant features energy absorbing, high density foam padding, including a fully padded neck roll for the best protection.  There is also good kidney protection on the sides along with a boxed rib construction that adds rigidity.

Thor Qudrant chest protector

This roost guard does only come in one option, but it is a mostly subdued black construction with a fuchsia accent on the chest plate.

Jerseys and Pants

For the most part, mens jerseys and pants just don’t fit well on women riders.  The jersey can be boxy and will either be too baggy or too tight in some areas.  The collars can be too tight and choke you.  Mens pants have a lower crotch and will ride up on most women.  It’s not too comfortable when your riding pants go up past your belly button.  Good womens jerseys and pants should be form fitting with all of the protection and mobility needed to ride at your best.

Thor Phase Jersey and Pant

Thor just might have the most form fitting, yet durable womens MX jersey and pant with the Phase line.  You can really tell that the designers at Thor took their time when they developed the patterns for the jersey.  The Phase jersey has an hourglass fit for a more feminine look, but will also move with you on the bike.  The Raglan style sleeves will not bind up and the cuffs and collars are shaped for less restriction.  No choking, like there would be with a mens jersey.  The micro mesh construction will keep you cool on the hottest of riding days.

Thor Womens Phase Jersey

The Phase pants are where Thor really shines for the hardcore rider.  Unlike some of the womens pants of the past, the Phase pants are extremely durable and are race-proven to handle abuse.  The main chassis is made with a highly abrasion resistant 600D poly oxford construction and the seat panel is reinforced with 500D Kordura for even more durability.  For bike grip, durability and heat resistance, the inner knees have panels made from a high quality Buffalo leather, a feature not found on many early lines of womens MX pants.  The cut of the pants are lower than a pair of mens would be so they won’t ride up, but they are high enough that they will stay up when you are riding hard.

Thor womens phase pants

For a more feminine look, the Phase kit is offered in a Magenta, white and black.  If you are over pink, the black, blue and fuchsia pants still have a feminine look, but will let you stand out in a sea of pink clad riders.

Troy Lee Designs GP Air Jersey and Pant

TLD has always been one of those companies that you can depend on.  The GP Air kit for women is no different.  They claim it to be the lightest, highest performing jersey in motocross and it is specially cut to fit a womens contour.  To do that, the jersey is made with a 9-panel construction from a lightweight, large-holed micro mesh fiber polyester.  This jersey will definitely keep you cool on the track.  The V-neck collar will allow you to breathe and the Raglan sleeves will stay in place.

TLD GP Air Jersey

The TLD GP Air pants are definitely going to keep you cooler when you are riding hard.  The designers did their homework and developed the pants to have optimized ventilation to lower your body temps and minimize fatigue.  The design also makes the GP Air pants incredibly light, but still durable.  They are constructed from a combination of 500D polyester mesh for ventilation and a 600D polyester for durability.  The knees are reinforced with oversized 13 in. leather panels for grip and protection.  The athletic fit is also specially cut to fit a woman’s shape and will be comfortable no matter how hard you ride.

TLD GP Air pants

The TLD GP Air kit for women is only available in one graphic, but it is in the classic Troy Lee Designs style that has made them so popular.  A classic red, white and blue pattern isn’t too flashy and is a timeless style.

Fox Womens HC Jersey and 180 Pant

You can always count on Fox to have the best and wildest graphics.  If you want to stand out without losing a feminine look, the HC kit is what you need.  The old school styling mixed with the animal print create a look that is completely unique.  Combine that with Fox’s quality construction and you have a winning combo.  The jersey is made from a moisture wicking polyester and while it is womens specific, the fit is a bit more casual.

Fox HC Jersey

The 180 pant continue the wild graphics on a durable 600D polyester chassis.  Fox is well known for their attention to detail on how their apparel fits.  Again, the knees are reinforced with leather for protection and grip, something that was often forgotten in womens MX pants of the past.  The 180 pant is no different.  They will sit right where they are supposed to without riding up or falling too low.  You really can’t go wrong with Fox MX gear for women.

Fox Womens 180 pant

MX Boots

Mens and womens feet just are not the same, so why should you settle for a pair of mens MX boots.  There are a few brands of womens boots that will fit your feet and calves better and will give you the protection that you need.

Fox Womens Comp 5 Boots

The Comp 5 boots have become the stand by for many women riders.  They have been around for a little while now, but that’s because they are loved by many.  They are not the most technical boot on the market, but they are very comfortable and will feel broken in and ready to ride right out of the box.  They are anatomically contoured in the shin plate and medial plastic for a female-specific fit.

Fox Womens Comp 5 Boots

Thor Blitz Boots

The Blitz boots are a bit more technical for the more experienced rider.  They feature a fully synthetic heat shield and a mesh liner to keep you cool and comfortable while you work around the track.  There is also a medial abrasion plate with integrated shift protection to ensure the boot will be durable and hold up to the abuse of Motocross.  The Blitz Boots women specific fit is due to the adjusted calf and foot measurements.

Thor Blitz Boots

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Great article. Let’s do everything we can to get more girls into the mx world. Bringing stuff like this up is a great way to start. I’ll try to do my part aswell!

Wahoo! Great article and it’s great to finally find a review for women’s gear, I vehemently hate pink so finding good quality gear that isn’t pink is hard. Thank you!

I thought it was interesting how you said that women MX is continuing to grow and some of the companies are starting to make gear for women. My sons all love to do motocross and my daughter is starting to enjoy it as well as it provides an opportunity for her to spend some time with her brothers and dad. I think it would be a good idea to look at some of the stores in our town to see if they sell any motocross gear for girls so she can be well protected when she goes riding with the family.

So right on! Starting off I bought used gear on Craigslist… all busted up men’s stuff. The crotch in the pants is too low and the legs are big and baggy, especially in the thighs. The jersey is wide, and the chest protector is flat and hurts my D chest. The boots were way too wide in the calf. I got the Thor Blitz boots -they’re awesome! Now I just need to replace everything else. 🤔 I thought my only option was youth gear to get a good fit but I’m starting to look at the few options coming out right now for women. Ugh! What took them so long??! Thx for the article and letting me vent.

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