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Put a Little Spring Into Your Ride with Drag Specialties

Posted on 31 Mar 2014 in Motorcycle, Powersports | 1 comment

Whether you are enamored with the nostalgia for vintage bikes or if you’re just tired of the standard look of yours, adding a springer forks and a spring solo seat can give you the results you desire.  There is something about the exposed springs that sets them apart from the more conventional forks and seats.  You can see your suspension functioning as you go down the road and the “feel” of the ride is a whole other experience compared to the conventional suspension and seat.  For a chopper, bobber or any “old school” bike, switching to springs will get you noticed.  To complete the transformation, Drag Specialties has everything that you need to put some spring into your ride.

Drag Specialties

Custom built by students from Mitchell Technical Institute.

Springer Forks

The springer front end might not be new technology, but that doesn’t mean that it’s outdated, either.  In fact, it is the best option for bikes that are raked out past 35 degrees.  Conventional fork tubes are not strong enough to handle the added pressure from the extended rake, while springer fork can.  At different lengths, springer forks can be very versatile.  The Drag Specialties springer forks range from -2 in. to +6 in.  in length allowing you to customize your front end to fit your style of riding.

But let’s be honest.  The real advantage of springers is their looks.  Drag offers the forks in a mirror finish chrome for a blinged custom or in black to give your bike a stealth look.  The springs are chrome on both options and give your bike that “old school” flavor.  When you head down the road, you can see the springs in action, but be careful not to get too distracted by them when you ride in busy traffic.

Drag Specialties Springer Forks

If you are building a high speed springer and you anticipate rounding corners at 100 mph+, these forks are probably not for you.  There are shock-dampened springer front ends available, but they come with a much larger price tag.  The Drag Specialties springer forks are more economical and are perfect for a custom bobber or chopper that you ride casually.

Spring Solo Seat

Another staple for bobber and chopper customs is a spring seat.  Many of these bikes are either hardtails or have shorter shocks, which can cause a rough ride.  The springs on the seat make the ride on these bikes much more enjoyable in addition to looking good.  The height of the springs can be switched to accommodate the rider as well.

For a low-profile bobber seat, it’s hard to beat the Drag Specialties small spring solo seat.  The slim design of the seat allows it to follow the lines of the bike seamlessly.  Bobbers are stripped back to the minimum, including the seats.  The small spring solo from Drag is slim and small to make it the perfect seat for a retro bobber motorcycle.  Drag Specialties is known for their seats for custom bikes.

Solo Spring Seat

Often times, it is required that you modify the bike’s frame to be able to mount a spring style seat.  Drag has eliminated the need for any cutting and welding with their frame mount kit for solo spring seats.  The only thing that you need to do to the frame is to drill a few holes with the provided template.  The kit includes a frame cover, frame mount and all of the hardware needed to mount the spring seat on your bike.Solo Spring Seat Mount kit

So there you go.  By putting some spring into your ride, you can stand out from the crowd of standard and stock bikes and show off your individuality.  Drag Specialties is known for their aftermarket parts for a reason.  They provide riders the parts they need for any custom creation, including your springer bobber or chopper.

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