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Raising The Bar (And Lowering It) On Your Snowmobile

Posted on 30 Oct 2013 in Powersports, Snowmobile | 0 comments

Adjustable Handlebar Risers Give You More Control

Snowmobile manufacturers are releasing sleds that need very little work done to make them the best they can be.  One thing that they can’t do, though, is create a sled that fits everyone’s specific needs and wants.  When people start customizing their sleds, the handlebars can be the last thing that they think of touching.  Their minds go straight to the power and weight modifications that they can make, forgetting that the one thing that connects you to it is the handlebars.  You can have all the power, but if you don’t have control, you can’t properly use it.  With the right set of adjustable handlebars, you can greatly improve the control and comfort of your snowmobile.

For the guy who never stands up on their snowmobile while riding, these probably are not necessary.  For more active riders, though, having bar risers can greatly improve your performance and handling.  If you have ever tried to ride standing up on an older sled with the stock height handlebars, you know how limiting it can be.  You hunch over and your knees can get in the way, all while having minimal leverage on the snowmobile handlebars.

With risers, the higher handlebars allow you to stand in a more upright position.  Because you are standing straight up with the bars in your torso, you will be able to put more weight behind the bars.  This will benefit you in a couple of ways.  The first is that because you are in an upright position, you will not get as fatigued as you would be when hunched over shorter handlebars.  Next, you will be able to maneuver the sled easier because you can use more of your muscles.  This means that you can go faster and turn harder to get the most performance.

ROX Bar RisersIf your snowmobile is used to accommodate a variety of riding styles and different riders, adjustable handlebar risers are perfect.  ROX Speed FX makes an amazingly easy to use set of adjustable bar risers for snowmobiles.  The independent risers allow for you to mount them on any “T-stem” width and they also have a removable insert to allow you to use them on either 7/8” or 1 1/8” bars.  The ROX adjustable handlebar risers also feature wrench-less levers so you can adjust the height on the fly.

Being able to adjust the risers allows you to do more styles of riding in the same day without losing performance.  For example, you might spend the day riding back country or ditch banging, but when you get tired from that, you just want to sit down and cruise the trail to get home.  When you are riding hard in the stand up position, you can raise the bars to a height that gives you the best leverage and comfort.  When you hit the trail and put your back side on the seat, you can lower the bars back down to a more comfortable height for that riding position.

The adjustable bar risers are also perfect for when you have different sized riders using the same snowmobile.  With fixed risers or stock set-ups, the sled will only fit one of the riders.  With the adjustable risers, they can be moved quickly and everyone can enjoy the sled to its full potential.  This is not only a perfect solution for families, but also for the guys who want to let their buddies take their sled for a rip.  You’ll be able impress them more when you can set up the sled for them in a snap.

If you do decide to get bar risers, there are some things that you should take into consideration.  If you are greatly increasing the height of the bars, the cables will have to be lengthened.  There are extended cables available, or extension kits that make it very easy to make your cables the right length.  When you are installing the cable, you want to make sure that there is enough length available so that your turning is not restricted in any way.


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