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Kuryakyn Releases Bahn Line for Victory

Posted on 28 Oct 2013 in Cruiser-Motorcycles, Motorcycle News, Powersports | 0 comments

One of the knocks that Victory motorcycles gets is that there is a limited production of aftermarket parts and accessories made for them.  Because Victory is a relatively young company, aftermarket producers have been hesitant to devoting lines of products to customize the bikes.  On the flip side, riders of established manufacturers like Harley and Honda enjoy the spoils of having just about everything under the sun produced in the aftermarket that is readily available.

This has been an issue for Victory in their attempts to sway people who are on the fence.  So many people see their motorcycle as an extension of themselves and like to customize it to fit their style.  If someone is on the market for a new bike and sees that the lineup for Victory aftermarket parts is limited, they might be more inclined to choose another manufacturer.

Kuryakyn BahnKuryakyn is looking to solve this dilemma by coming out with their own line of Victory aftermarket parts, the Bahn line.  Bahn is German for road or street (think Autobahn).

“There’s definitely a gap in the aftermarket when it comes to parts and accessories for Victory models,” explains Kuryakyn’s Consumer Marketing Manager Bryan Desimone. “The Bahn line is Kuryakyn’s way of reaching out to a group of riders who historically haven’t had much available to customize their bikes.”

The new Bahn line won’t be as extensive as all of the Harley accessories made by Kuryakyn, but it definitely is a start.  The first products that will be available for Victories will be ignition covers, crank covers and clutch covers.  Desimone says that there are far more Victory motorcycle accessories that are in the works, though.

The accessories in the Bahn line will feature a black anodized finish that has been offset with a sleek machined cut.  Kuryakyn’s design is clean and gives the perfect amount of contrast to get your bike noticed.

With a big name like Kuryakyn getting in on the Victory accessories game, the skies are looking brighter for current and future Victory motorcycle owners.  Kuryakyn is one of the premier aftermarket accessory companies and for them to think that it is worth their effort on Victory, shows the rest of the market that it is going to be viable.

Stay tuned Victory fans.  The future of accessorizing your bikes is starting to look better and better.


Ryan is one of the lucky ones who gets to combine their passion with work. He has enjoyed powersports his whole life and now gets to write about it. Ryan has been around the industry since High School and continues to enjoy learning and sharing about powersports with others in his role at DK.

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