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Drag Specialties Seats – Product Highlight

Posted on 31 Jul 2013 in Harley-Davidson, Powersports | 1 comment

Drag Specialties makes it easy to give your Harley a custom look.  From the handlebars to the seat and almost everything in between, Drag has you covered.  Drag Specialties has been putting out these amazing products since 1968.  With that kind of experience in the business, it’s easy to trust that whatever you put on your ride from Drag will look and perform awesome.

The innovation and experience of Drag Specialties brings style and comfort to the rider.  They have been working with custom bike builders and riders through the years to develop the quality of their products.  One great example of Drag’s quality production is the convertible backrest seats available for your Harley.

Drag Specialties Convertible Backrest Seat

The convertible backrest seat has a position for the backrest to be used for the rider or for the passenger.  With Drag’s EZ Glide backrest system, the post of the backrest just slides into the designated slot and is locked in and ready to go.  You can set the height of the backrest to fit you.  Parts of the EZ Glide system use an advanced polymer that makes it rust-free and ensures smooth adjustments.  If both you and your riding partner want to lean back for a comfortable ride, another backrest can be purchased.

Drag is always thinking about how to make the rider more comfortable and that is why they have also made the contact areas of the seat and backrest with solar reflective leather.  The leather will not absorb the heat from the sun, which keeps it cool on those hot summer days.  The reflective leather can drop the surface temperature of the seat as much as 25 degrees. The sides of the seat are constructed of automotive-grade vinyl to ensure that that seat is durable and will last.

We’ve all been there when the sun decides to chill out behind the rain clouds so Drag Specialties has included a pouch on the backrest to store a rain cover.  With the ease of access to the rain cover, keeping your seat dry is easier than ever.  All you need to do is fold the backrest forward and then you are ready to take the rain cover out of the pouch and pull it around the edges of the seat.  Not only is the cover water-resistant, but it is also mildew-resistant as well.

Of course, being comfortable is only part of a good seat.  It has to look good too.  All of the exposed hardware on the Drag Specialties convertible seat has a show-chrome finish.  The top-notch quality of the stitching on all of the Drag seats will have people taking a closer look at your bike.

If you would like to take a closer look at the Drag Specialties convertible backrest system check them out at Dennis Kirk!


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