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The All New Shoei GT-Air

Posted on 05 Jul 2013 in Powersports | 0 comments

The all-new GT-Air is the latest result of Shoei’s standing commitment of safety and performance.  Utilizing their state-of-the-art full-sized wind tunnel, Shoei was able to conduct research into aerodynamics and construction methods with helmet like never before. The result is an extraordinarily aerodynamic and well-built helmet with the looks to match.

The GT-Air also joins the newly formed ranks of the internal sun-shield family of Shoei helmets. The integrated smoke sun shield offers the ease of slipping on your sunglasses, without having to even skip a beat with the easy to find and operate switch, even when the gloves are on. To top it all off, this QSV-1 sun shield, the same one used in the Neotec and J-Cruise helmets, is the only sun shield to meet the ANSI standard of distortion-free optics, clarity, and shatter-resistance.

The face shield for the GT-Air is the CNS-1 shield, the same one used on the Neotec helmet. This shield offers a much wider and taller field of view than the CX-1V shield it replaces. This CNS-1 shield is also Pinlock ready, taking a lens that is also wider and taller for more coverage, while providing true, 100% anti-fog protection. The shield comes with some cool features, among which are a scratch resistant coating, 99.9% UV protection from A&B rays, and a Dual-Ridge window bead to increase contact with the shield to the helmet to reduce wind noise. The base plates also offer tool-free shield removal.

The EPS liner in the GT-Air is definitely a testament to Shoei’s commitment to safety. It is a multi-piece, multi-layer liner, with each piece strategically designed to manage energy dispersion efficiently. As with all other Shoei helmets, including the Neotec and J-Cruise, the GT-Air comes equipped with perfectly placed vents that are integrated into the EPS liner. These vents maximize air intake and exhaust to give the wearer the most comfortable experience possible, taking in cool air and pushing out the hot air, along with all the perspiration that comes along with wearing a full-face helmet. These vents are also fully adjustable to suit your every mood, and the weather.

The GT-Air, like all other Shoei helmets, has a fully-removable, replaceable, customizable, and washable inner liner. This is liner like no other standard liner. The GT-Air liner is made up of a material called 3D-Max-Dry. This material is antibacterial and wicks away twice as much moisture than those other standard liners. The cheeks pads are full removable ad customizable, with an awesome feature: Shoei’s Emergency Quick Release System, or EQRS. This EQRS cheek pad allows emergency personnel to easily remove the cheek pads from the helmet, without have to actually remove the helmet, which helps when having to stabilize after a bad spill and a possible back or neck injury. The specialized neck curtain is specifically designed to provide a secure and comfortable fit while greatly reducing wind and road noise.

Overall, the GT-Air helmet is a testament to Shoei’s unwavering standards of excellence. While incorporating state-of-the-art technology, they have not sacrificed in styling, functionality, and design. Along with an awesome 5-year warranty, the GT-Air will be available in 3 shell sizes and various solid and metallic colors, including 2 new graphics. The Journey graphic is available in white and black color ways, while the Wanderer graphic is available in black/red, red/white/blue, and black/silver color ways. The new and upgraded features and graphics make this helmet a definite stand-out in the Shoei line.

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