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Exclusive Interview with Paul Yaffe and Dave Nichols – 100K Magazine Sweepstakes Bagger

Posted on 23 Jan 2013 in Cruiser-Motorcycles, Motorcycle Events, Powersports | 0 comments

Now that the Custom Paul Yaffe Bagger build for the 100K Magazine Sweepstakes is finished we thought we would take some time to get the inside scoop on this one-of-a-kind bike. Check out the exclusive Paul Yaffe interview below as well as footage of our interview with Easyriders Editor, Dave Nichols.

Interview with Paul Yaffe:

Q. What was your inspiration and influences for the design of the Bike?

A. Basically we wanted to build a bike that reflected our newest styling directions for 2013. The Super Stretch Bags and Super Stretch Rear Fender and New 2013 products as well as the 30” wheel Rake Neck Block and Triple Tree kit.

Q. How does your creative process work? Get inspiration, sketch ideas, throw paper away start over, etc.?

A. In this case there were no drawings. Just an idea in my head. The first components were the frame and Triple Trees. We needed to figure out the correct geometry to make a great riding bike with perfect trail while utilizing a 30” front wheel. Mark at HHI was instrumental in this process. I gave him an idea of shortening the steering crown and increasing its diameter along with arching the bottom tree in an effort to gain additional wheel clearance without having to raise the neck and still capable of accepting stock HD components. Of course he nailed it! Once these calculations were done all the information was sent to Sam at Rolling Thunder Frames and they created a killer replacement Bagger frame that both satisfied the needed geometry calculations and our cosmetic needs. We also wanted the frame to accept all HD late model components such as 4 point rubber mounts system, transverse cross link, OEM swing arm, battery box, EFI, and wiring and sensors. Basically we wanted to build a radical stance Bagger that rode like a new 2013 HD Touring model…

Q. When did you start the build process?

A. We had a meeting in Cincy 2012 with the team of industry experts that I had requested. The meeting was basically a who’s gonna do what type deal. Rolling Thunder Frames, HHI Inc., S&S Performance, Renegade Wheels, Jim’s Transmission, PPG Paint, Vance and Hines, and Dennis Kirk were all in attendance. Once everybody had a direction it took several months to get all the components together. First I got the frame from Rolling Thunder, then the 30” Wheels from Renegade, then the Tree’s from HHI, then the S&S Engine etc… Once I had enough to create a roller I was able to start the body design and move forward. The entire build took almost a year.

Q. Besides the 30” rim, what are some other cool features about the bike?

A. Everything! The entire bike is a successful experiment! We wanted to make a 30” wheel look proportionate and ride well and I think we accomplished that goal. The bike is simple yet radical in appearance, our New Super Stretch Bags and Fenders balance out the huge front hoop, the seating position is comfortable and practical, The S&S 111 T makes awesome HP and runs smooth as glass and with 6 speeds in the Jims Transmission it’s a great highway cruiser. All the products that we chose from the Dennis Kirk Catalog and from our other partners worked seamlessly and created an awesome final product!

Q. With the oversized tire on the front, how does it handle?

A. Like a Cadillac! Super light steering and like a freight train at speed!

Q. What was the most challenging aspect of this build?

A. Fitting the engine, transmission and primary was a challenge because none of them were meant to be used with each other. Balancing the cosmetic aspects of the body was crucial as well.

Q. Did you make any modifications to the bike for the winner?

A. Not yet…I’m sure he’ll have a list. If it was mine I would add our Platinum air suspension. 

Q. Did you have a lot of late nights during the build process?

A. OMG yes! Especially towards the end. We finished the bike about 10 minutes before it had to go on a trailer and head for its unveiling at the Anaheim Easyrider Show. It made it and the crowds loved it!

Q. Are you going to be on tour with the bike?

A. Yes…As long as I can! I know it will make all of the Easyrider Shows through Columbus and it will be in Daytona. After that it has to come back to Phoenix so I can put some miles on it. Then we’ll see what the winner wants to do as far as delivery.

Interview with Dave Nichols:

Can’t get enough of this custom bike? Check out our album on Facebook for pictures of the build process from start to finish!

What do you think of the completed build? Would you want any changes?

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