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Pets on Wheels – Harley the Biker Dog

Posted on 20 Nov 2012 in Cruiser-Motorcycles, Harley-Davidson | 9 comments

We’re excited to introduce Harley the Biker Dog. Harley and his human, Larry, ride thousands of miles across the country meeting fellow pups, bikers, and babes. Continue reading to find out about their adventures on the open road.

Q: When did Harley start riding?

A: Harley was born June 30, 2008 and took his first ride at 11 months old in May of 2009.

Q: What is his favorite thing about riding?

A: His favorite thing about riding is the wind in his face. I try to get him to ride in my vest when we we are on Interstate or high speeds but he won’t have it. He has got to be out on my arm, up and above the windshield and as far down my arm as he can get, right to the edge of the handle bars.

Q: Where is your favorite place to ride?

A: We live in Waynesboro Virginia, 2 1/2 miles from the entrance of The Skyline Drive/Blue Ridge Parkway Entrances in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is beautiful there and people come from all around the world to see the views. We have met a lot of riders and others in vehicles while stopped at an overlook and that is another part we enjoy about riding is the people you meet. Lots of times we have led other bikers off the mountain into our town and showed them the best places to stay or eat. The comradery between bikers is the greatest.

Q: Besides dogs, what other pets have you seen riding?

A: We have a few Facebook friends with dogs that ride and in the area we live in there are a couple other bikers with dogs that ride. Not to the extent that Harley does, but they are riding. We have heard of a guy about 80 miles from where we live that rides with a chicken or a rooster, but we’ve never seen him and we’ve also talked to a couple people that said they had birds that rode with them.

Q: What’s the one tip you would give to fellow canine riders?

A: The one tip I’d give is to be sure to have a no fail safety harness.

Q: Do you think more people should include pets on their rides? Why?

A: I think others, (only if they feel secure with their riding abilities and are comfortable riding with their animal) should include their pets in their riding. There is no greater of a feeling than cruising down the highway with your best friend. For me (Larry), my best friend is right on my shoulder everywhere I go. We have an inseparable bond like no other.

Liked hearing about Harley’s adventures on the road? You can stay updated on all of Harley’s journeys and check out tons of great photos on Harley’s Facebook page!

Do you have a pet that loves to ride? We want to meet him/her! Email us at to tell us about your powersport loving pet and they could be featured on the next “Pets on Wheels”!


  1. Melinda Corral / November 21st, 2012 4:50

    This is nothing but the truth spoken here. I’m lucky enough to live close and know these two wonderful riders and together they are a best buds. The first time you meet both of them you will love them both. Thanks for the great blog.

  2. Charlotte Hale / November 21st, 2012 8:49

    Way to go Little Buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We Love Harley and Larry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Bob Jones / November 21st, 2012 17:42

    This has to be the most idiotic, dangerous (to the animal, never mind the idiot human) thing I’ve ever seen on two wheels. And Since I’ve been riding for over 40 years, I’ve seen some pretty stupid schitt.

  4. David Critzer / November 21st, 2012 19:15

    Harley is rockin ridin pooch……He leads us everywhere we go….An he doesnt like no bikes to pass him lol,

  5. Christine Wasserman84Ac / November 22nd, 2012 5:07

    Is he a Yorkie how awesome my Yorkie named Rockstarz likes him
    You guys are awesome

  6. Christine Wasserman / November 22nd, 2012 5:09

    My little Rockstarz is a fan That it’s awesome

  7. Christine Wasserman / November 22nd, 2012 5:13

    WOW is he a Yorkie. My Rockstarz is in love. That is amazing do you have more pictures? Please send mange updates

  8. Saul Bejarano / October 3rd, 2016 7:56

    Deeply sorry to inform that Harley the Biker didn’t survive some health issues and passed away Yesterday.


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