Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas from Dennis Kirk

Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas from Dennis Kirk

Halloween is less than two weeks away and if you’re anything like me you are probably scrambling for some last minute costume ideas. This year ditch the crowded Halloween shops and try something that fits your rider lifestyle! These costumes inspired by our collection of face masks will have you ready for a haunted ride in no time.

Ghost Rider: This movie inspired costume should be fairly easy if you already have riding leathers. All you need now is a chain and a skull face mask to complete the look. We would recommend the Wicked Wear Neoprene Glowing Skull Cool Weather Full Face Mask or the Zan Headgear Burning Skull Half Face Mask. If you’re feeling really ambitious you can make some fake flames or don an orange wig. Actual flames, despite being wicked, are not recommended.






The Crow: Here is another easy, movie inspired costume for someone who already has a lot of leather in their wardrobe. Just add this Wicked Wear Neoprene Crow Cool Weather Full Face Mask and you will have a Halloween classic.





Hannibal Lecter: Put a biker twist on everyone’s favorite serial killer this year with the Zan Headgear Hannibal Half Face Mask. We suggest skipping the straight jacket if you plan on riding though.






Crash Test Dummy: Looking for something a little less scary? Throw on some orange clothing and this Zan Headgear Crash Test Dummy Full Face Mask. You’re guaranteed to turn some heads and maybe inspire a chuckle or two while cruising down the highway in this easy to assemble costume.




The Big Bad Biker Wolf and Little Red “Riding” Hood: This couple’s variation on a classic fairy tale is the perfect way to embrace Halloween but still ride in style.  Wear your favorite riding gear then add this Zan Headgear Lethal Threat Wolf Half Mask to be the wolf. Ladies, grab some red gear along with your favorite leather jacket and boots then add a red bandanna to achieve the perfect rider’s touch on the Red Robin Hood look.


Check out more face mask options in the video below:

The best part about using these face masks for your costume is that they are a lot more affordable than purchasing a full costume and you can use them again. Order by 10/23/12 to make sure it will arrive in time for Halloween and to get 15% off! Then check out this video for an inside look at DK Headquarters face mask fun!

What other Halloween costume ideas do you have?

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