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Motorcycles That Would Make John Deere Proud

Posted on 28 Feb 2012 in Powersports | 4 comments

Recently, we published on our FaceBook page a photo of a motorcycle that had been converted into a lawn mower, or should that be a lawn mower converted into a motorcycle? Either way, the contraption was pretty dang cool. The post got a lot of action, so we thought that we’d dig a little further into the world of Motorcycle Mowers and see what else was out there. Turns out most are built on the mower platform, utilizing the mower engine and motorcycle front end.

Below find a gallery of some awesome “custom lawn rides” that John Deere would certainly be proud of.

Suzuki Motorcycle, Huskee Mower Hybrid

Suzuki Motorcycle, Huskee Mower Hybrid (another angle)

Custom Harley Lawn Mower

Harley Springer (front end) meets Craftsman Mower

Motorcycle Front End meets Briggs & Stratton-Powered Mower

The Non-Motorized Mower Combo

So which is your favorite? Do you think you’d mow your yard more often if you owned one of these bad boys?!

If you find any more, let us know and we’ll add them!


  1. Kevin / February 29th, 2012 4:33


  2. mister d / May 11th, 2013 19:01

    Really good job. keep it up!

  3. Al Walker / January 14th, 2016 20:12

    send these to my facebook account



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