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Posted on 17 Feb 2012 in Powersports | 2 comments

From Tech Tips, Products Reviews, Brand Overviews and Product Information to Customer Videos and Event Coverage, the Dennis Kirk YouTube Channel has something for everyone!  Wondering when you should replace your Dirt Bike or ATV tires?  Are you looking to see the features of the newest Klim Parkas?  No matter what the application, we’re bound to have a video for you!

A Customized Harley Road Glide for a Disabled Rider

Paul has been a Dennis Kirk customer for over 30 years, since the 70’s. He has customized his 2004 Harley Davidson Road Glide with modified hand controls and a rack for his wheelchair. You can’t keep this rider off the road!


  1. Patricia Bullion / February 17th, 2012 18:53

    What kind of life would we have if we could not do the things we love! Life is short enough and so very very trying for most.. constant struggles each and everry day so we need to be able to keep going with the things we love to do. Like my dad has turned 80 and he has been at his job for 56-1/2 years and loves to work but his leg where they had taken the needed veins for his quadriple by pass is not giving him major trouble and he cant put weight on it and for a man who goes out and does things every single day including his job; this is making is so very hard for him to keep going. For people who love life and want to keep getting out and doing! The drs keep telling him arthritis.. or other things, hip replacement. Welll freaking find out what it really is.. He has been gong back and forth for many years about this. Okay, so… Paul, dont let nutting STOP YOU! GOD BLESS YOU AND ALL VETS OR DISABLED PEOPLE. FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO LIVE!

    • Steve / February 17th, 2012 19:13

      Yes Patricia, Paul’s story is truly touching. We wish your father the best of luck with his medical difficulties and we hope he is able to keep doing the things he loves, just as Paul has. Thanks for sharing your story.


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