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BMW Adds Scooters to its 2012 Lineup

Posted on 26 Jan 2012 in Scooter | 2 comments

Best known for its luxurious, sport-oriented cars, the German manufacturer’s motorcycles are only beginning to shed their reputation as wheels for safety-conscious old men, thanks to exciting new bikes like the S 1000 RR and K 1600 LT.

At the International Motorcycle Shows event, held in in Long Beach, California in early December, BMW confused its image even further when its first scooters made their North American debut. Designed to capitalize on a trend in the world’s largest scooter market — Italy — the C 600 Sport and C 650 GT are agile enough to cut through city traffic, but large enough to also take a weekend trip.

The C 600 Sport and C 650 GT may be scooters, but they take many of their suspension and handling cues from BMW motorcycles, including an upside-down front fork and single swingarm. The wheels are large like a motorcycle’s, with a wider tread than is normally found on a scooter. They are also equipped with anti-lock brakes.

Like its motorcycles, BMW’s new scooters have electronic fuel injection to improve mileage and are outfitted with a catalytic converter to reduce tailpipe emissions. Fuel economy estimates haven’t yet been released.  Pricing hasn’t yet been announced either, but estimates say that the scooters will cost about $10,000 when they enter the U.S. market next fall, most likely as a 2013 model.

What do you think about this evolution in Scooters?



  1. Hasan / July 5th, 2012 2:54

    Well first of all, motorcycles aren’t nerlay as fuel efficient as they might be, because they have a lot of wind resistance. The faster you go, the more fuel you’re wasting’ just pushing air out of the way. A bike that gets 50 mpg at 40 will get 40 mpg at 60.So if you really want fuel efficiency you want to go slow. Small bikes, like 100cc and under, get really good mileage, partly because they have tiny, weak engines, but also partly because they don’t go much faster than 35 mph. A moped, of course, will give you the best mileage because it hardly does 20.If you don’t want a moped your best bet is probably a 50cc scooter (or 70 or 90 or 100. All about the same). Honda makes two models of 55cc scooters, the Metropolitan which looks like a classic Vespa, and the Ruckus which looks like a piece of farm equipment. Both have the same engine and drivetrain. Considering gas, maintenance, registration, etc. there’s probably nothing cheaper to operate, except maybe a moped.

  2. Lindemberg / July 8th, 2012 2:30

    Electric Scooters: The Perfect Second Car? : “High gas prices and trifafc: They’re the banes of a driver’s existence. With neither about to improve anytime soon, electric scooters are proving to be the small solution to these big problems. Electric scooters are fast becoming the smart way to zip around on errands, make parking a breeze, negotiate trifafc delays, and with a nod to ecology, will also help cut dependence on failing fossil fuels and high gas prices. Green Means Go!”


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