Bel-Ray Performance Lubricants

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Whether you’re at the starting gate of the Spring Creek MX Nationals or winding through the country backroads on an autumn day, Bel-Ray performance lubricants will keep your bike running smoothly from green to checkers. For more than 70 years, Bel-Ray has been the name to trust for innovative oils and lubricants in machines of all kinds. Beginning as an industrial lubricant company, the New Jersey company entered the powersports market in the 1970s, and Bel-Ray lube has become the brand of choice for champion Streetbike, motocross, Supercross and ATV racers everywhere.

From motor oil to brake fluid, Dennis Kirk has the lubricants you need for optimum performance and reliability. Bel-Air oil is formulated to reduce valve train wear and eliminate scuffing, with low oil consumption for long-lasting engine protection. Both Bel-Air conventional oil and synthetic oil lower friction and help dissipate heat so your V-Twin engine will run cooler. Give your drivetrain the same blend of protection and performance with Bel-Ray transmission oil for wet clutches. This free-flowing oil is ideal for highly-loaded gears, improving clutch engagement and giving you smoother shifting.

Riders of all stripes will love Bel-Ray chain lube with tough anti-wear protection. Super Clean chain lube for dirt bikes and ATVs has a special coating to prevent dirt and grime from collecting on your drive chain, while V-Twin chain lube withstands high pressure on the primary chain for less slipping and chatter. We also have Bel-Ray foam filter oil to improve airflow and dirt trapping in high-performance air filters, along with premium motorcycle racing coolant that works with all cooling system. You can even get all-in-one fuel treatments and fork oil.

Bel-Air continues to do extensive research and field testing in the name of superior performance, quality and environmental sustainability. When you use Bel-Air lubricants, you’re showing you expect the best while supporting a company that cares about the world. We’ll ship your lubricants the same day so you can immediately put them to work. If they’re good enough to go to the moon, they’re good enough for your ride!