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For more than a century, Avon Motorcycle Tyres has been producing high-end tires for street, off-road and racing use. Beginning in 1911 when the British company produced its first motorcycle tire, Avon has been at the forefront of technical innovation, from leading radial tire development in the 1980s to producing reliable rubber for the demands of modern Supermoto competition. At Dennis Kirk, we offer the best selection of Avon motorcycle tires for Harleys, sport bikes, cruisers, café racers and any other two-wheeled ride.

Avon Tyres has been involved in motorcycle racing for over 50 years, and continues to supply tires for series and championships across the globe. The technological advances that have been proven at the highest levels are the same ones you can find in your own street or racing tires. Many Avon rear tires such as the Storm 3D X-M use proprietary Advanced-Variable Belt Density (A-VBD) technology, which runs strands of steel or aramid around the tire’s circumference. This gives you maximum stability and longevity with a larger footprint in high-speed cornering.

Even if you’re planning on going a little slower, you’ll still enjoy all the benefits of Avon’s endless research and development. Avon Cobra tires for cruisers and touring feature sidewalls with a custom snakeskin treatment and a unique tread pattern to reduce irregular wear. If you’re going off-roading, tires such as the Avon TrailRider use triple-compound construction for better grip and mileage, and are designed to warm up quickly for more responsive handling. A variety of size and style options are available, including extra-wide tires for custom bikes, and you can find tires for sidecars as well.

Since the dawn of motorcycles, Avon Tyres has pushed the envelope of what’s possible. If you’re unsure what Avon tire to put on your ride, enter your motorcycle’s make, model and year into our fitment tool or consult our Motorcycle Tire Guide. We keep more motorcycle tires in stock than any other dealer, and will ship the same day you order so you can quickly start experiencing the magic of premium tires on your ride.