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Everyone knows how great a shiny set of new ATV wheels can look. But it’s about more than just form – quality wheels and rims are instrumental in reducing power-robbing friction and distributing weight for better tire wear, and need to be strong enough to take a licking on tough terrain. If you’re tired of cracked or broken wheels, then Dennis Kirk has high-performance ATV wheels that are built for people who ride hard at every opportunity. With a plethora of options available, our fitment tool will take you to the rims and wheels that give you the durability you need and the aesthetics you love.

We have ATV rims for riders of any skill level, riding preference and budget. Steel ATV wheels provide reliable performance at an affordable price. These OEM replacement wheels are stronger than factory stock and have precision-rolled rims to increase strength. If you know you’ll be pushing the limits every time, aluminum ATV wheels will dramatically lighten your utility vehicle without sacrificing strength. Many wheel options are available, including trail wheels, mud wheels, sand wheels and motocross wheels that are ideal for the handling characteristics of each application. Our experts are available by email or toll-free phone to help you determine the right wheels for your next run.

We have ATV wheels from ITP, DWT Douglas Wheel, Sedona, AMS and other trusted brands that can be seen on factory team vehicles at competitions everywhere. Sort our selection by size, wheel offset, rim width and other options to get the handling, power and speed characteristics you want. And a number of different spoke patterns and beautiful wheel finishes will make the style statement you’re looking for. Order wheels for all four corners of your quad and get free same-day shipping, along with no-hassle returns for worry-free shopping.