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Riding off road will at times require you to stop your machine in an instant when you come upon an unexpected obstacle or turn. If you use your wheeler for work, you need your brakes to be able to hold up to constant stopping and to be able to slow and hold with a heavy load behind your ATV. When your ATV brakes brakes are new, they can handle a good bit of work, but once they get worn or put through extreme conditions, they can begin to fail quickly. Upgrade your ATV brake pads/shoes and rotors with the best aftermarket options and you will notice a big difference in your stopping power.

Choosing what type of ATV brake parts to get largely depends on how you ride your machine. Someone who rides through harsh terrain or at a fast pace will require a higher standard than someone who uses their machine for light trail riding and yard work. Because of all the debris and mud that comes into contact with the brakes on a ride, they need to be self-cleaning in order to keep working properly as the ride goes on. Wave-style rotors are a great choice for this purpose. They also help dissipate heat to stay cool. When choosing pads, you need to consider the advantages and disadvantages of either carbon/organic pads vs. sintered pads. Sintered pads provide the best stopping power in all conditions, including must and debris. Organic pads will last longer and provide good stopping power for everyday use.

No matter what brake parts you need for your ATV, you will be able to find what you need at Dennis Kirk. We keep the most ATV and brakes from brands like EBC in stock and ready to ship to you the same day that you order. That way you can get them fast and get back out in the dirt in no time. And when your order is over $89, we will ship it to you for free. Use the Ride Selector at the top of the page to find all of the brake parts that fit your specific ride. Also, feel free to contact our knowledgeable Tech Team if you have any questions on which parts are best for you and your machine.