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ATV Wheels

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Get rid of those boring stock wheels on your ATV or UTV. Most ATV’s come with fairly bare bones wheels that are just there to get the job done. At Dennis Kirk, we carry a wide variety of ATV wheels from all of the top brands like ITP, AMS, Moose, DWT, Vision Wheel and more. From good looking to heavy duty and a mix of both, you will find what you need.

Changing ATV rims has become one of the most popular upgrades on wheelers. For mud and utility wheelers, going bigger is huge to get through more terrain. Plus, with all of the custom rims available, you can give your machine a fresh new look that will make it stand out from all of the other machines. Swapping rims on your sport quad can give you more durability and more confidence that your rims will not fail while you’re out on the track.

Finding the wheels that actually fit your machine can be a little confusing with the different offsets and bolt patterns. Check out our guide to Understanding ATV Wheels to learn how to choose the right ones.