ATV Nerf Bars

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Viewing Results 1 - 38 of 145
If you like to have fun on your ATV but also like to stay safe, it’s a good idea to think about installing nerf bars on it. For racers, this equipment is practically a must, and ATV nerf bars also make a valuable safety addition if you just like to push your ATV to the limit even if you don’t race.

Consisting of a metal frame with bars that hold a resilient webbing, nerf bars are a smart way to protect your legs and feet in case they slip off your pegs. They will also help guard you from other quads you are (hopefully) passing, giving you and your machine an extra layer of protection by helping to block their wheels from becoming entangled in your pegs and causing a wipeout. At Dennis Kirk, we carry lots of ATV and UTF nerf bars and accessories to boost your safety on the trail or on the track.

To see the quality we have, browse our nerf bars. ATV protection is available from leading brands like Moose, Motorsport Products, Pro Armor and DG. You can use our search box above to search for a brand or a specific model and the right nerf bars.

We stock quality nerf bar frames available in a variety of materials, including steel, alloy and aluminum. In addition to nerf bar sets that come complete with frames and webbing, we also stock replacement webbing so you can replace your damaged nerf bars at a low price. We also carry heel guards to give you even more protection.