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Viewing Results 1 - 38 of 776
Out of sight, out of mind. Gaskets on ATVs and UTVs are small parts that few people notice. They quietly go about doing their job of keeping oil, coolant and liquids and gases flowing without leaking out of the pipes, parts and systems they connect and protect.

Most people only really notice their quads’ gaskets when something goes wrong. This could range from a small spot on the driveway or shed floor to engine performance problems and even engine failure if coolants or lubricants aren’t constantly added. Worst-case scenario: a faulty gasket lets oil leak onto a blazing hot manifold or other engine part and causes an engine fire that destroys your four-wheeler and maybe lots of other things with it.

To prevent problems, you should make sure to jump on any gasket problems as soon as you notice them. Most gasket fixes are not hard, and most gaskets are inexpensive. If you invest a little time and effort up front, you can save yourself major expenses and problems later on.

At Dennis Kirk, we stock hundreds of ATV and UTV gaskets seals, washers and kits. Because we have everything we sell in stock, we can get it shipped to you quickly. Our low prices and easy return policy also mean that it’s hard to go wrong with the quality gaskets and parts we carry.

Whether you are thinking about a complete engine rebuild and need a gasket set or just want to stop an annoying drip from your oil pan with a new washer, Dennis Kirk has all the parts and supplies you will need to do the job right. In addition to engine gaskets like valve cover gaskets, we also carry clutch cover gaskets, ignition cover gaskets, exhaust gaskets and items to help get any part of your ATV or UTV working right. If you can’t find the gasket, seal or washer that’s right for you, just call our customer service staff toll-free for quick, friendly assistance. We also carry gasket material by Moose and Helix Racing Products made with tough aramid to let you make your own gaskets.