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Whether they’re used off road by fun-seekers or for a range of industrial and government uses by employees, ATVs and UTVs can take a beating. Like just about anything else, however, if you take care of your ATV or UTV, it will take care of you. At Dennis Kirk, we carry a huge stock of ATV and UTV engine parts and intakes. We have lots of maintenance parts to extend your ATV or UTV’s life and to keep it running at maximum efficiency. Dennis Kirk also stocks everything you need for major overhauls when the time has arrived. In addition, you’ll find lots of items here that can help you upgrade your ATV or UTV to get more power and performance from it.

Dennis Kirk has all the basics you’ll need for maintenance, such as oil filters, air filters and fuel filters. Changing these simple maintenance items according to the manufacturer’s scheduled service plan is simple and a smart way to avoid spending big bucks on major repairs.

ATV engines are sturdy, but they can wear out just like anything else. If your UTV or ATV engine is getting older and not delivering that kick it used to, it could be time for a major overhaul. No worries. Dennis Kirk has everything you need. Check out our big supply of reasonably priced complete engine rebuild kits and cylinder kits. Compared to buying a new four-wheeler, these kits will save you big bucks.

If you’re looking to give your machine more get up and go, check out our air intake kits from famous brands like K&N. These kits are usually easy to install and will boost your horsepower by bringing in more air to the engine. Fuel injection power tuners made by Dynojet and Dynatek can boost fuel flow and performance, adding even more power. We also carry lots of ATV and UTV exhaust systems to increase performance even further.

If you have questions about ATV or UTV products or need some mechanical advice, call our friendly customer service and technical support staffs toll-free. They’ll steer you to the right solution.