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A sprocket may not look like much, but your chain drive ATV or UTV won’t be leaving home without it. As the best buddy to your amped-up engine and ultra-strong drive chain, you’ll need sprockets capable of handling that power and transferring it to the terrain. After all, you don’t want a part that can fit in the palm of your hand to be the reason you’re stranded on the trail or failing to finish the main event. Our premium aftermarket ATV sprockets and UTV sprockets are strong enough to withstand the forces being hurled their way and turn them into premium power and drive when you need it most.

We have sprockets from JT Sprockets, Sunstar, Moose, Parts Unlimited and other manufacturers who are trusted around the globe for their performance and reliability. These ATV and UTV sprockets are made from hardened steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other lightweight metals that are extremely durable. Construction techniques such as heat treatment and sandblasting reduce the surface tension and friction, increasing the level and smoothness of power transfer. Both front sprockets and rear sprockets are available in various tooth counts, allowing you to adjust your main drive ratio for better acceleration or higher top-end speed. To learn more about what tooth sizes and chain sizes are right for your needs, feel free to contact our knowledgeable Tech Team

. The ATV sprockets and side-by-side sprockets in our warehouse are the same ones used by motocross factory racing teams and world champions, and everyday enthusiasts will love their performance and affordability as well. Make sure the sprocket you’re eyeing fits your ride by using our Find Parts Fast tool, and pick up a Moose countershaft washer/snap ring kit or Motion Pro sprocket bolt and nut fastening kit for secure installation. You’ll receive your new sprocket in a flash thanks to same-day shipping on any order, getting you back on the road with newfound vigor and flash.