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It’s easy to forget about brake maintenance on an ATV. It feels like it hardly matters, until your cruising down a hill towards a sharp turn going 48 miles an hour with hopelessly deteriorated brakes. If you have had an incident like that, remembering brake maintenance becomes a lot easier. One of the easiest ways to keep your drum brakes in tip top shape is to make sure that your brake shoes are going strong. If they aren’t, well, that’s why we are here, carrying the best selection of brake shoes on the market today.

Brake shoes have been made of lots of different materials over the years. The three types of brake shoes that you’ll find most common are organic, sintered, and semi-metallic.

Organic brake shoes, also known as carbon brake shoes, are the smoothest feeling brake shoes that we sell. They are soft, quiet, and very easy on your brake drum. But, they tend to perform worse when wet and they also wear out faster than the other options. Still, if you want something affordable and smooth, these are the brake shoes for you.

If you find yourself looking for something a little more responsive, you’ll want a sintered brake shoe. These are made of different metals which makes them really durable. These shoes are great for any aggressive riders or anyone competing. But, these shoes aren’t without their flaws. They are more expensive, harder on drums, and less smooth.

Semi-metallic brake shoes are the perfect happy medium between the two. For anyone split between Organic and sintered, these would make for a solid option.

Of course, It’s important to make sure that the brake shoes you are looking at will even fit on your ATV. Use the Ride Selector at the top of the page to find all of the brake shoes that fit your specific ride. If there is anything else that we can help with, feel free to ask out Tech Team or use our Q&A feature. But if not, then we look forward to fulfilling your order as soon as we can.