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So, you need new brake pads for your ATV or UTV. Well we hope you didn’t learn that the hard way! But, regardless of how you realized you need new brake pads, you’re here now; the important thing Is that you are okay! Next order of business is replacing those old pads. Don’t worry, we have just the thing; our selection of UTV and ATV brake pads is one of the best on the market today!

When sifting through the hundreds of brake pads, it can be easy to start feeling a little lost. You hear about all of these different kinds of brake pads, but all you really want to know is which one is best. To help you decide, here are some facts to help you decide what is best for you and your machine. Which is best for you will be largely dependent on what kind of riding you do.

Organic brake pads are one of the most common types available. They are soft, easy on your rotor, and are exceptionally quiet and smooth. Unfortunately, they wear out the fastest, and they don’t function as well in water and mud.

Sintered brake pads are another type you’ll see all the time. Sintered brake pads are made of compressed metals and they are much tougher than organic brake pads. This makes them more responsive, and great for aggressive riders. They even do well when wet. But, they do have their downsides. They are harder on rotors, less smooth, less quiet, and more expensive.

Semi-metallic brake pads fall right in the middle of these two extremes, on just about every variable. These are a safe bet for most riders!

In short, if you are a super casual rider in mostly dry conditions, organic brakes will serve you just fine. If you are super competitive, sintered brakes might be a better option. If you fall in the middle, you can’t go wrong with semi-metallic. Whatever you choose, we have what you are looking for.