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Viewing Results 1 - 38 of 149
For any kind of vehicle, few things are worse than running out of juice. It’s a drag if your battery’s dead in your car or your truck when it’s parked in your driveway or at work. It’s even worse, however, when your battery dies in your quad, especially if you’ve stopped at some remote lake or location with help nowhere in sight.

At Dennis Kirk, we carry a huge inventory of ATV, UTV and motorcycle batteries and accessories. Shop our dependable stock of 4-wheeler batteries and you’ll be assured of plenty of power, whether you’re parked in the driveway or far afield.

Our ATV batteries include lightweight and durable lithium batteries as well as time-tested lead acid batteries. We also carry maintenance-free batteries that free up your time for more fun things than adding distilled water to cells. Our spill-proof batteries are ideal for hunters, farmers, outdoors adventurers or racers looking for an ATV battery that is guaranteed against nasty spills of battery acid.

You can find a 4-wheeler battery here from premium manufacturers like Yuasa, Power Max and Bikemaster. You’ll also find many great motorcycle batteries on these pages as well as batteries that can even be used for go-karts.

In addition to the hundreds of quality batteries we stock, Dennis Kirk also carries useful accessories like battery cables, terminals and extension kits. Our foam adapters will help you get the proper fit and extra protection for batteries. We also carry battery and charging system/alternator testers to get to the bottom of any problem you may be having with your power supply, saving you an unpleasant stranding somewhere.