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If you want your wheels to spin reliably the next time you’re riding over bumpy terrain, you’ll need good axles connecting them to the drivetrain. A broken axle is an off-road rider’s nightmare, and if yours won’t stand up to rough trails and sudden impacts, you could be looking at a short day. ATV axles and UTV axles from Dennis Kirk are designed for riders who push the limits of possibility. As a company that cares about customer satisfaction, we offer only the best axles and accessories for modern and classic machines. With our Find Parts Fast tool, you’ll quickly locate axles, CV joints, axle adjusters and other quality parts for your needs.

Our front and rear ATV axles are built not just to last, but to make your quad or trike handle better than ever. A Lonestar Racing Axcalibar Pro Axle is made from aircraft steel whose strength will improve your ride’s stability, and it can be widened or shortened to alter handling characteristics. For recreational riders whose main concern is reliability, a Dura-Blue heavy duty performance axle is twice as strong as stock axles to meet any challenge. High Lifter Outlaw half-shaft axles are heat-treated and have puncture resistant boots for withstanding shock loads. And installation has never been easier than with a Moose complete ATV axle kit that comes fully assembled for use.

In addition to these and many other high-quality axles, we have a number of axle accessories for rebuilds and maintenance. If your old axle went flying away and took the wheel assembly with it, we have replacement ATV wheel hubs, axle carriers and housing rebuild kits to get you back in action. When your CV joints are worn out, replace them using an ATV CV joint rebuild kit that contains a heavy-duty boot plus clamps and grease. EPI Performance rear axle bearings will outlast their stock counterparts, and you’ll also want to replace the axle seals to prevent gear oil and grease leaks. Find these and many other components today and get free shipping on any order over $89, along with no-hassle returns and knowledgeable customer service to come up smelling like roses.