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Viewing Results 1 - 38 of 983
Having strong airflow into your ATV or UTV engine is critical to maximizing the air/fuel mixture for great performance. But can you get lots of air into your motor without letting in loads of part-deteriorating, power-robbing grime as well? When you use quality ATV and UTV air cleaners and air filters from Dennis Kirk, the answer is a definite yes. We carry a vast selection of high-performance air filtration parts from leading manufacturers such as K&N, Twin Air, Moose and DT 1 Racing that ensure clean, free-flowing air for professionals and weekend warriors alike.

ATV air cleaners such as the K&N AirCharger Air Intake System are made to completely revamp your airflow. By replacing the restrictive stock air filter and intake housing with these aftermarket air cleaners, your engine will receive more air, more efficiently. With it comes a dramatic increase in horsepower and acceleration along with a more racing-like engine sound. For a less invasive boost, add a Moose performance air filter adapter machine from billet aluminum for better airflow and throttle response.

A new air filter alone can make a big difference, and our ATV air filters and UTV air filters will outperform factory stock. These high-flow replacement air filter elements are anything but ordinary, using a two-stage foam design to trap both large particles and fine dust. The foam can be cleaned to extend its life, and some filters come pre-oiled for use in wet conditions. Our Find Parts Fast tool will direct you to the right models for your ride. You can also get straight or angled pod filters that attach directly to the carburetor along with replacement air filter foam.

In addition, we carry ATV pre-filters that trap large debris, precharger filter wrap for use in dusty environments, breather filters for the crankcase and other special-use components. All of these parts and many others ship the day you order them at the lowest prices. Thanks to no-hassle returns and exchanges, you can shop today with confidence.