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Viewing Results 1 - 38 of 77
Viewing Results 1 - 38 of 77
Arai Helmets have a loyal following and have the awards to prove it. Arai has been the Number One ranked motorcycle helmet for customer satisfaction in all 13 J.D. Power And Associates Motorcycle Helmet Satisfaction Studies. No other helmet brand can claim such an achievement. Arai is different because of the amount of detail and attention they spend on each and every helmet. Each one is handmade, that's right, each of the hundreds of helmets are constructed by hand. The benefit here is that each helmet has been formed to fit your head perfectly. They are not mass produced and much time and effort goes into every one built.

The hand-formed natural shell shape of the Arai helmets are smaller and more aerodynamic than other helmets on the market. Arai street bike helmets are designed to be even more aerodynamic when you turn your head. The smaller profile of the helmet shell performs and looks better than other motorcycle helmets. With a lower center of gravity, Arai helmets feel lighter on your head as you are going down the road. Along with these and other qualities, Arai helmets will give you the most protection and comfort. When it comes to safe dirt bike helmets, not many can compare to the Arai VX-Pro3. Arai has taken the motocross helmet and made it safer. They have rounded the chin bar and made it with less protrusion to minimize the likelihood of digging in to the dirt. This Arai dirt bike helmet also features an emergency cheek-pad release system to ensure safe helmet removal after an accident.

Partly what sets Arai Helmets apart from their competition is Arai's attention to detail. Take for instance, the Arai Corsair-V. Peripheral belting across the shell's forehead area just above the eyeport opening enhances strength while keeping helmet weight to a minimum. Arai's patented adjustable Air Wing technology is designed to reduce drag. It has five hand-adjustable positions so that you can dial in the performance to match your unique style of riding. Another example of Arai's commitment to the rider and their attention to detail is their use of noise-absorbing foam ear pads. A quieter helmet can help to prevent fatigue and provide a more enjoyable ride.

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