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Super Coil Kit w/3 Ohm Resistance Coils/4-plug kit - 140403

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Super Coil Kit w/3 Ohm Resistance Coils/4-plug kit - 140403

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Accel Super Coil Kit w/3 Ohm Resistance Coils/4-plug kit - 140403
  • Delivers maximum spark-energy and power output
  • Fast rise time - higher voltage
  • May require re-jetting the carburetors richer for best results
  • Designed for either street or high-revving, large displacement racing engines
  • Available in kits to fit both four-cylinder motorcycles that use two coils and twin-cylinder motorcycles that use one coil
  • Two types -- one for point and inductive electronic ignitions (most popular) and one for CDI systems
  • 20-309 and 20-310 have 3 ohms primary resistance for points and inductive pickup electronic ignitions; 20-311 and 20-312 have .7 ohms for CDI systems
  • Includes suppression core wires with extra heavy-duty 8.8mm silicone jackets and universal, slotted mounting brackets with 3 7/8 in. to 5 3/8 in. centers
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • WARNING: Use of coils with too low an impedance (resistance) will damage the motorcycles ignition system. We do not have a complete list of applications, so if your motorcycle has an electronic (breakerless) ignition, you should determine the correct set of coils by performing one of the following two simple tests. Keep in mind that the higher impedance coils are by far the most popular and will not damage your ignition system if they are the wrong choice.
  • Test 1 (resistance test)-- Disconnect motorcycle coils and test one at a time. Set ohmmeter to lowest possible range. Connect positive lead of meter to battery terminal on coil and negative lead to coil ground. A reading of approximately 2.1 ohms and higher indicates inductive type; .25 to 1.2 ohms indicates CDI type.
  • Test 2 (voltage test)-- Using a voltmeter or 12-volt test light, connect positive lead of tester to positive post on one of your stock coils, and connect the negative lead to ground post on the stock coil. Turn the ignition switch on, but do not engage the starter. If you have 12-volts at the coil, the motorcycle has inductive-type ignition. If there is no voltage, the motorcycle has CDI ignition.
Mfg #: 140403
Part #: 20309
Type External Ignition Coil
Units Kit
Weight 3.81 lbs
Alternate/OEM Part Number(s):
UPC Code:
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
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