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100% Racecraft Snow Goggles

  • Part #: 375102
  • Manufacturer Part #: 50113-006-02
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Overview of 100% Racecraft Snow Goggles

  • Shared lens and tear-off profile for all 100% Snow goggles
  • Optimum performance and comfort in the most demanding conditions with a superior vision system
  • Perfect balance and fit with outriggers
  • Roost protection in the most testing conditions with a removable nose guard is a unique incorporation of the frame co-molding to ensure stability
  • Keeps your face warm in the coldest conditions with oversized face foam with an impenetrable layer
  • Vision is unimpaired with dual pane anti-fog coated Lexan lens
  • Oversized 45mm wide, silicone-coated strap eliminates slippage
  • Moisture management aided with patent-pending technology channels air into the foam
  • Mirrored lens models include 20 standard tear-offs and an extra clear lens


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